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Hi folks,

Welcome to my personal homepage. My name is Martin Koubek and I am currently a Ph.D. student at Cork Institute of Technology , Ireland since March 2007. Feel free to browse around! You can click on the links at the top to jump to the different sections of this webpage. Please let me know of any comments in section Messages or contact me. Be enjoying.



Here I added a link to videos. First video is taken from village Ballincollig where I actually live and second video is from Cork Cork.

December 2008 I visited friends near Detroit, MI( USA USA)

September 2008 I traveled for a conference to Finland Finland, Finland and after that I took a few days off.

April 2008 We had a canoe trip from Killarney to Killorgin.

April 2008 I visited Alenka in Munich (Germany Germany ).

On February 2008, At beginning of the month we decided to visit Nohaval cape in the south of Ireland Ireland .

On January 2008, we visited waterfalls Mahon falls near Clonmel, Ireland Ireland and then we drove to historical landmark Rock of Cashel which was founded in 11th century.

On December 2007, we had a special dinner in Indian restaurant. Amazing was that we had a couple Indians and Pakistan guides whom help us to choose perfect dishes.

On November 2007, I and friends travelled in the south-west Ireland Ireland to a cape Mitzen Head where I was shooting a video Cork of heavy sea with 10meters high waves.

At beginning of the month we visited Killarney National Park and video Cork of the park is here.

In summer 2007 I spent a holiday in Estonia Estonia with my parents and with friends. We left Prague 1 of June with two cars and trailers and travelled through Poland, Latvia, and Lithuania to Estonian National Park near Puurmani. There we spent a six beautiful days on river. At the end of the holiday we visited Tallinn and then came back to Czech.

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